IMG_0547Why do we Lie? Is it morally correct? Is it accepted by our society?? So we live in a self lie bubble? Ok ok I know it slow my roll one thought 💭 at a time but this has been on my mind for a while now since someone put me in my place and make me feel like 💩 Yup mission accomplished….. 

So why do we do it? It causes problems (least to say) We lie, We ALL lie, ALL THE TIME!!! 🙄😣yes even you, your moral highness 👑 throw the first diamond 💎 😉 

We lie from pretending to like someone 😒 Ugh and even to loving grandmas food 😣🙈🤦🏼‍♀️ We do not lie because we love to do it (of course not dumb asses 🍑 before I get some dumb remark) It happens because we want to be more agreeable, to make a social situation smoother and not awkward, to avoid disagreements but most of all to make us look 👀 “PERFECT” to make others LOVE ❤️ us (little do we know, we just push them away…further away) 

Lying is connected to self-esteem (ah ha yup 🤦🏼‍♀️) studies (1000000% true) have shown that as soon as out self-esteem is being threatened vomit 🤢 comes from our mouths AKA Lies… yes lies are harmful they corrode trust and intimacy 💏 BUT 🙋🏼 Can our lies be in order to protect our privacy and ourselves from malice?? We want to have an image we want others to view us as “perfect” and “strong” we even tend to lie to hide our feelings we become afraid to express ourselves and we lie we say we are totally fine when our insides are shattered 💔🖤 doesn’t seem like it but do we lie because we’ve been hurt and broken 💔 in the past? (Ok sorry 🤦🏼‍♀️🙈 going out of context here #doryeffect)  

We want to both look good when we are in the company of others especially people we care about family 💕our significant other 👫(The ones we lie to 😞 Sorry) and we want to protect (KEYWORD) PROTECT our self worth. But seriously for the love of god 🙏🏻❤️And for the LOVE ❤️ we need to grow for ourselves we need to stop ✋🏻 we need to become more aware of the extend we tend to lie and let’s try to tattoo (jk) remember that HONESTY yields more genuine relationships 👫❤️ and trust 🙏🏻 It is like that old saying “Honesty is the best policy”

P.S. Don’t go brake grandmas heart ❤️ Please she’s the exception… 


KC. Taylor ❤️


💔 Hopelessly Devoted 💔

Falling in love ❤️with someone  is not only falling in love (as easy as it sounds😒) with and incredible person, a person you find to be in your eyes 👀 the best in the world👫🌎💕 it is also falling in love with the person you become when you are with THE one you love. Sometimes (more like 1000000% of the time) the person whom we fall in love with ❤️👫is not that great but we still love them right? And we believe that this somehow can work out. But guess what there is still more to it than just that. Falling in love is also falling in love with what you desire to be your future…. and when that is lost it is what hurts the most… 

It is an unavoidable to have loved with all your soul and scape a 💔 heartbreak… sadly 😔 yes we have to go through this process… and meanwhile we believe we are dying it is only making us in some weird way 🙄 strong… When we lose the love of our life 👫💕 we also lose a piece of ourselves (like we haven’t lost enough already😩) we lose that one important piece that holds us together. The piece we are now missing is the one that allows us to be us the one that makes us a good person. When we get heartbroken 💔 not only does our heartache from the pain but we are also broken…. 

When we have lost something that mattered the world to us, it is only natural (duh) and important to acknowledge the sadness 😔  we feel believe it or not that shitty feeling will help us with the healing process of our hearts❤️ …. We have to accept that we have to experience pain. The fucken problem is that we feel each and everyday that we are reliving the same misery over and over again and no matter what we do to brake the cycle of these now painful memories (wine and vodka 🍾🍷🍸don’t work trust me) chances are that we have locked ourselves in a dysfunctional pattern.

I believe that they are various depths to love as they are to a 💔 heartbreak, it would only make sense that the shallowest of love leaves the shallowest of cracks in us, while the deepest of love causes our hearts to undergo a sort of shattering shitty feeling. I am speaking of the deepest kind of 💔 heartbreak the one that only happens ONCE in a lifetime yes you read right ONCE in a lifetime because we are not fools🙅🏼 (who I’m I kidding yes we are when it comes to love 👫💕) but honestly we are never the same we become different we are now scarred and nerve damaged we have lost the innocence that allowed us to be so vulnerable we begin to look at life and LOVE through different shades of glass….

Has it ever happened that we feel as if we are experiencing the same heartbreak 💔 as someone else👯? And later found out that their shit was completely different 😝  from ours? But at the moment both of us saw the heartbreak through the same “frame” 🖼 made up on our  beliefs and feelings. We find it devastating and difficult to handle the end of our relationship when this shit happens girl we need to change the fucken “frame”  🖼 asap we need to stop seeing this as the end of the world 🌎 the end of our happiness instead lets turn this into a 😎 challenge. Being heartbroken 💔 makes us feel worthless and hopeless but that is only because we continue to use the same“frame” 🖼  and it has become to narrow to see that we can learn from this situation and instead of a painful moment see it as a wonderful liberation 🌈

We give ourselves completely over to our loved 👫one body, heart ❤️ and soul but obviously it was not enough for the asshole to keep the relationship 👫 working 💔  guess what we lose our hearts. When we go through a heartbreak 💔  we try to find whom to blame and at the end it does not matter because there is no one to blame. We were certain that we would spend the rest of our lives together 👫  and having to face reality and knowing that what we had envisioned is now taken away from us that my dear is what hurts and it hurts like a bitch! 

It is sad to say that the pain 💔  does not go away as quick as we wish it would it takes time 😔⏳to heal our hearts ❤️ and ourselves. Far more important we are going to be in need of some 🛠fixing, someone that will help us to take the pieces of our hearts 💔 and soul lying sprawled out across the ground and put us back 🛠 ❤️ together. 

The question now is: WHO? 

AND the answer is: US 

🎤They say time has a way of healing

Dries all the tears from your eyes

Darling, it’s this empty feeling

That my heart can’t disguise

After all that we’ve been through

I tried my best but it’s no use

I guess I just keep loving, is this the end?🎤

-Sade “Im still in love with you ❤️”



KC 💕



Time to Stop Playing

The do-over make up with an ex is far less risky than the search of  Mr. Right❤️  

Suddenly waiting for Mr. Right ❤️ seems just to risky… and that is when shit gets bad and hits the fan and you think “Mr. Wrong” has suddenly turned into Mr.Right ❤️ he now starts looking better like he is a new changed man your brake up made him change 😒 but you also start to panic because you are single and in your late 20’s (closer to 30 lol) you do not want to be that old lady with 20 cats and alone.. So YES we run back to “Mr. Totally not Worth it waste of time”  Even when our gut feeling is saying to run (dumb ass the other direction not towards him) because we obviously already know that things will turn out to be a complete disaster (BIG MISTAKE)  

Just because you feel like all that time you invested in him was not a complete waste, seriously lets not fall for his circus act, but of course we do 😒 we do not want to walk away from the times shared together, our love and the laughs we shared (bitch please don’t forget the tears)

AND then suddenly YES, YES, YES! (not that kind of yes lol) we being to doubt ourselves, are we the ones to blame for a failed relationship? Did I give him enough space? Was I too jealous? Did I not love him enough or show it enough?? And to make matters worse we begin to reminisce on his good qualities and the good he did; All the shit he did to brake our hearts💔seems to be buried in the back of our minds. Thank the Lord for good Vodka our senses come back to us and we remember the reason why he drank that bottle and the pain he caused. After braking our heart 💔 he decides to be loving, chivalrous, romantic and FAITHFUL ah now that makes me laugh (how long will that last)

The do-over with and ex is far more riskier than the search for Mr. Right ❤️

It is time to stop, yes to STOP playing games and get our shit straight it is time that we learn to love us and to learn to know what we deserve. We are going through a rollercoaster of emotions that if you tell me after that Vodka bottle you are not angry at this brake up please sister let me buy you another bottle. 

Unacknowledged silent anger causes extreme damage to our lives, I am not referring to all the yelling we do or the chair throwing tantrums we have (jk) but I am referring to that softer anger we carry with us the internal anger of self disappointment. Unexpressed frustrations and long term relational struggles from incompatibility, poor communication, or outright battles, interfere with our internal peace and intuition, and most important our happiness. If we only learned how to be honest with ourselves we would know that in order to cope and stay in a bad relationship we have to shove all our dreams, desires down so deeply that we simply forget we even had any and not only that but everyday will be a struggle just to make it work and little do we know that instead of being happy we are just dying little by little  inside… How foolish are we that we believe this time it will work… how gullible have we become that we believe them and their worthless I love you’s, I miss you’s when they are only playing… Stay away from those fuckers that only cause us damage (Men should come with warning signs like stay away I will cheat, Stay away i am a fucken liar, Stay away I will make you fall in love and leave you heart broken but sadly they don’t)

We should always keep in mind 3 very important tricks to not go back❤️

#1. Cognitive  Dissonance understand it so you can recognize it.

#2. Figure out the cause of those intrusive “good” thoughts about him (yes they are intrusive they automatically come and interfere with our ability to move on)

#3. Get beyond pissed off yes it works think of all the negative things he did to you and focus on that.. (In the long run for our own good we have to forgive him but that is a whole different chapter)

So my dear loves hope this helps out and that you gain something from this and please do not go back to that dumb ass we deserve so much better let’s keep looking for Mr. Right ❤️

xoxo KC❤️

Have we become masochist?

Ever been in love with someone but never “officially” been in a relationship with them?? Or broken up with your EX and continue to be part of their life? 

You come there confident, their shoulder to lean on, you get to hear about their new love interest and how much they mean to them…. And well sometimes there is a 99.9% change you come the BEST FRIEND WITH BENEFITS (NO ATTACHMENTS) ❤ Many do not mind the obvious and most important benefit of the hassle free sex, this usually means neither mind to have any emotional involvement this often ends bad because after time you do get emotionally attach… And shit hits the fan because he obviously has no emotional attachment to you only to your boobs… and your MEOW 

How and why do we do this…. My answer is I do not know maybe not to lose touch with them… because the love you have for them becomes bigger than you and their happiness is all you want… So you sit there give them LOVE ❤ advice hold in your tears and continue as if you have no feelings… You become a masochist, yes I said it right a Masochist of your feelings… A masochist that you will not leave because you are afraid to lose what you have and you rather continue to be hurt and heart-broken… 

 We all need to take a moment and get a mirror look at ourselves… yes we might be broken but we are beautiful inside and out and valuable we do not settle for the “friend” label we deserve more than that walk away… 

Even a broken heart is able to heal with time… ❤



Does our loyalty become slavery?? Does our love get taken for granted??

Is it good to show your love for him all the time?? I have always asked myself this question my first boyfriend the love of my life was a total asshole yet I let everything slide because I LOVED HIM…. Now was it his fault that I let everything slide?? Absolutely not it was mine for believing in love and believing he would change someday. After a year of tears and more tears and sadness I decided it was time to stop fighting for someone who was not going to appreciate my effort. Their was no effort on his behalf so I realized he did not deserve me and I sure as hell deserved better… 

BUT WHY? Did he take advantage of my love for him or was I stupid for showing him all my love??  I do not have an answer yet I am still trying to figure that out… But what I know is that he taught me a valuable lesson and that was to ❤ LOVE MYSELF! 

If a man is attracted to you, he will sleep with you first and figure out his feelings later. Us women do not operate this way… which is sadly why we are still perpetually surprise that they do…

 Most guys are hard-wired to want sex, just like most women are hard-wired to want real love. Unfortunately we both will do pretty much anything to get it. That does not mean a guy may not love you. 

How to sort out the good guys from the bad…Here is a clue or two 🙂  

Pay little attention to what a guy says to you. Look at how he treats you. If he is attentive, caring and respectful then you are on much safer ground. Guys know that you love hearing the words, so they will say them. But if he cannot be bothered going out of his way for you, then does he really care? The answer is NO so do not waste your love on someone who does not deserve it… MOVE ON

So just love, make mistakes after all that is what life is for have wonderful times but never EVER second guess your value…HE WILL NOT CHANGE… MOVE ON find someone who will love you no matter what do not become a slave of a love that does not exist….  But if you find someone who loves the way you love, well that is just fabulous ❤

Keep Loving and do not forget you are the most important equation in a relationship it takes two to tango 🙂 ❤



Wild Sex…. Or magician Sex??

As he walks in the house I have my panties in hand and I am ready for him, I ask “him does this excite you?” 

Great sex isn’t just the sweet amber nectar of life it’s often the glue that holds the entire show together. But what if that sweet amber nectar isn’t even there to begin with? Seriously lets blame Fifty Shades Of Grey and amazing love machine Christian Grey ❤  A functional sex life no longer passes muster. To feel like we’re getting any bang for our buck in a relationship, I want lol and feel that mind-blowing sex is the bedrock of any relationship that will go the distance. Sometimes all we really want is a nice spank (wink) BUT what if we ask for it and he gets scared and takes out his bible…. Now that is a risk lol 

So how to we get mind-blowing sex without scaring them off or making them think we are porn stars… Everyone has been to bed with someone who has an arsenal of skills and moves that they deploy with the flourish of a magician.

How about role play buy some nice lingerie and make the moment magical, by magical I do not mean that he poof disappear. I mean make that man crave you, make him wish he could kiss every inch of your body, make him need you… 

Oh you want me to tell you how… hahaha if I knew how I would not be writing this late I would be having Christian Grey inspired Sex ❤ 

“Sex is a form of self-expression and communication so being ‘good in bed’ is not about a set of skills but more about a way of being,”  The only advice I can provide is by taking responsibility for your own pleasure and for what goes on for you, both physically and psychologically, is key in this. And of course to feel comfortable sexually, you need to be comfortable with yourself. 

So love your self your and enjoy some wild sex ❤ 



Or maybe throw your panties……

Have you ever been lucky enough to be in love? To have someone that makes your days and nights. Have you ever wondered what it is to be loved?? Or what love feels?? Do we really know the true meaning of love? I can continue with a million questions yet I will not have an answer for them. 

Sometimes I wonder if we have become romance intolerant do we know the true meaning of love or have we gotten use to the crumbs that SOME men (relax guys I know some of you are good) now seem to provided. Seriously where are all those chivalrous men. I refuse to settle for crumbs I demand a challenging, significant relationship. My heart skips a beat and every time I attend a wedding and think to myself someday that will be me someday I will walk down the aisle and marry the man of my dreams… When it comes to relationships I sometimes think that maybe we are all in glass house and should not throw stones because you can never really know what can happen if you throw that stone to hard…Or maybe you should just throw your panties at it see if it reacts and loves you better.

xoxo KC