Or maybe throw your panties……

Have you ever been lucky enough to be in love? To have someone that makes your days and nights. Have you ever wondered what it is to be loved?? Or what love feels?? Do we really know the true meaning of love? I can continue with a million questions yet I will not have an answer for them. 

Sometimes I wonder if we have become romance intolerant do we know the true meaning of love or have we gotten use to the crumbs that SOME men (relax guys I know some of you are good) now seem to provided. Seriously where are all those chivalrous men. I refuse to settle for crumbs I demand a challenging, significant relationship. My heart skips a beat and every time I attend a wedding and think to myself someday that will be me someday I will walk down the aisle and marry the man of my dreams… When it comes to relationships I sometimes think that maybe we are all in glass house and should not throw stones because you can never really know what can happen if you throw that stone to hard…Or maybe you should just throw your panties at it see if it reacts and loves you better.

xoxo KC


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