Does our loyalty become slavery?? Does our love get taken for granted??

Is it good to show your love for him all the time?? I have always asked myself this question my first boyfriend the love of my life was a total asshole yet I let everything slide because I LOVED HIM…. Now was it his fault that I let everything slide?? Absolutely not it was mine for believing in love and believing he would change someday. After a year of tears and more tears and sadness I decided it was time to stop fighting for someone who was not going to appreciate my effort. Their was no effort on his behalf so I realized he did not deserve me and I sure as hell deserved better… 

BUT WHY? Did he take advantage of my love for him or was I stupid for showing him all my love??  I do not have an answer yet I am still trying to figure that out… But what I know is that he taught me a valuable lesson and that was to ❤ LOVE MYSELF! 

If a man is attracted to you, he will sleep with you first and figure out his feelings later. Us women do not operate this way… which is sadly why we are still perpetually surprise that they do…

 Most guys are hard-wired to want sex, just like most women are hard-wired to want real love. Unfortunately we both will do pretty much anything to get it. That does not mean a guy may not love you. 

How to sort out the good guys from the bad…Here is a clue or two 🙂  

Pay little attention to what a guy says to you. Look at how he treats you. If he is attentive, caring and respectful then you are on much safer ground. Guys know that you love hearing the words, so they will say them. But if he cannot be bothered going out of his way for you, then does he really care? The answer is NO so do not waste your love on someone who does not deserve it… MOVE ON

So just love, make mistakes after all that is what life is for have wonderful times but never EVER second guess your value…HE WILL NOT CHANGE… MOVE ON find someone who will love you no matter what do not become a slave of a love that does not exist….  But if you find someone who loves the way you love, well that is just fabulous ❤

Keep Loving and do not forget you are the most important equation in a relationship it takes two to tango 🙂 ❤




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