Time to Stop Playing

The do-over make up with an ex is far less risky than the search of  Mr. Right❤️  

Suddenly waiting for Mr. Right ❤️ seems just to risky… and that is when shit gets bad and hits the fan and you think “Mr. Wrong” has suddenly turned into Mr.Right ❤️ he now starts looking better like he is a new changed man your brake up made him change 😒 but you also start to panic because you are single and in your late 20’s (closer to 30 lol) you do not want to be that old lady with 20 cats and alone.. So YES we run back to “Mr. Totally not Worth it waste of time”  Even when our gut feeling is saying to run (dumb ass the other direction not towards him) because we obviously already know that things will turn out to be a complete disaster (BIG MISTAKE)  

Just because you feel like all that time you invested in him was not a complete waste, seriously lets not fall for his circus act, but of course we do 😒 we do not want to walk away from the times shared together, our love and the laughs we shared (bitch please don’t forget the tears)

AND then suddenly YES, YES, YES! (not that kind of yes lol) we being to doubt ourselves, are we the ones to blame for a failed relationship? Did I give him enough space? Was I too jealous? Did I not love him enough or show it enough?? And to make matters worse we begin to reminisce on his good qualities and the good he did; All the shit he did to brake our hearts💔seems to be buried in the back of our minds. Thank the Lord for good Vodka our senses come back to us and we remember the reason why he drank that bottle and the pain he caused. After braking our heart 💔 he decides to be loving, chivalrous, romantic and FAITHFUL ah now that makes me laugh (how long will that last)

The do-over with and ex is far more riskier than the search for Mr. Right ❤️

It is time to stop, yes to STOP playing games and get our shit straight it is time that we learn to love us and to learn to know what we deserve. We are going through a rollercoaster of emotions that if you tell me after that Vodka bottle you are not angry at this brake up please sister let me buy you another bottle. 

Unacknowledged silent anger causes extreme damage to our lives, I am not referring to all the yelling we do or the chair throwing tantrums we have (jk) but I am referring to that softer anger we carry with us the internal anger of self disappointment. Unexpressed frustrations and long term relational struggles from incompatibility, poor communication, or outright battles, interfere with our internal peace and intuition, and most important our happiness. If we only learned how to be honest with ourselves we would know that in order to cope and stay in a bad relationship we have to shove all our dreams, desires down so deeply that we simply forget we even had any and not only that but everyday will be a struggle just to make it work and little do we know that instead of being happy we are just dying little by little  inside… How foolish are we that we believe this time it will work… how gullible have we become that we believe them and their worthless I love you’s, I miss you’s when they are only playing… Stay away from those fuckers that only cause us damage (Men should come with warning signs like stay away I will cheat, Stay away i am a fucken liar, Stay away I will make you fall in love and leave you heart broken but sadly they don’t)

We should always keep in mind 3 very important tricks to not go back❤️

#1. Cognitive  Dissonance understand it so you can recognize it.

#2. Figure out the cause of those intrusive “good” thoughts about him (yes they are intrusive they automatically come and interfere with our ability to move on)

#3. Get beyond pissed off yes it works think of all the negative things he did to you and focus on that.. (In the long run for our own good we have to forgive him but that is a whole different chapter)

So my dear loves hope this helps out and that you gain something from this and please do not go back to that dumb ass we deserve so much better let’s keep looking for Mr. Right ❤️

xoxo KC❤️


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