💔 Hopelessly Devoted 💔

Falling in love ❤️with someone  is not only falling in love (as easy as it sounds😒) with and incredible person, a person you find to be in your eyes 👀 the best in the world👫🌎💕 it is also falling in love with the person you become when you are with THE one you love. Sometimes (more like 1000000% of the time) the person whom we fall in love with ❤️👫is not that great but we still love them right? And we believe that this somehow can work out. But guess what there is still more to it than just that. Falling in love is also falling in love with what you desire to be your future…. and when that is lost it is what hurts the most… 

It is an unavoidable to have loved with all your soul and scape a 💔 heartbreak… sadly 😔 yes we have to go through this process… and meanwhile we believe we are dying it is only making us in some weird way 🙄 strong… When we lose the love of our life 👫💕 we also lose a piece of ourselves (like we haven’t lost enough already😩) we lose that one important piece that holds us together. The piece we are now missing is the one that allows us to be us the one that makes us a good person. When we get heartbroken 💔 not only does our heartache from the pain but we are also broken…. 

When we have lost something that mattered the world to us, it is only natural (duh) and important to acknowledge the sadness 😔  we feel believe it or not that shitty feeling will help us with the healing process of our hearts❤️ …. We have to accept that we have to experience pain. The fucken problem is that we feel each and everyday that we are reliving the same misery over and over again and no matter what we do to brake the cycle of these now painful memories (wine and vodka 🍾🍷🍸don’t work trust me) chances are that we have locked ourselves in a dysfunctional pattern.

I believe that they are various depths to love as they are to a 💔 heartbreak, it would only make sense that the shallowest of love leaves the shallowest of cracks in us, while the deepest of love causes our hearts to undergo a sort of shattering shitty feeling. I am speaking of the deepest kind of 💔 heartbreak the one that only happens ONCE in a lifetime yes you read right ONCE in a lifetime because we are not fools🙅🏼 (who I’m I kidding yes we are when it comes to love 👫💕) but honestly we are never the same we become different we are now scarred and nerve damaged we have lost the innocence that allowed us to be so vulnerable we begin to look at life and LOVE through different shades of glass….

Has it ever happened that we feel as if we are experiencing the same heartbreak 💔 as someone else👯? And later found out that their shit was completely different 😝  from ours? But at the moment both of us saw the heartbreak through the same “frame” 🖼 made up on our  beliefs and feelings. We find it devastating and difficult to handle the end of our relationship when this shit happens girl we need to change the fucken “frame”  🖼 asap we need to stop seeing this as the end of the world 🌎 the end of our happiness instead lets turn this into a 😎 challenge. Being heartbroken 💔 makes us feel worthless and hopeless but that is only because we continue to use the same“frame” 🖼  and it has become to narrow to see that we can learn from this situation and instead of a painful moment see it as a wonderful liberation 🌈

We give ourselves completely over to our loved 👫one body, heart ❤️ and soul but obviously it was not enough for the asshole to keep the relationship 👫 working 💔  guess what we lose our hearts. When we go through a heartbreak 💔  we try to find whom to blame and at the end it does not matter because there is no one to blame. We were certain that we would spend the rest of our lives together 👫  and having to face reality and knowing that what we had envisioned is now taken away from us that my dear is what hurts and it hurts like a bitch! 

It is sad to say that the pain 💔  does not go away as quick as we wish it would it takes time 😔⏳to heal our hearts ❤️ and ourselves. Far more important we are going to be in need of some 🛠fixing, someone that will help us to take the pieces of our hearts 💔 and soul lying sprawled out across the ground and put us back 🛠 ❤️ together. 

The question now is: WHO? 

AND the answer is: US 

🎤They say time has a way of healing

Dries all the tears from your eyes

Darling, it’s this empty feeling

That my heart can’t disguise

After all that we’ve been through

I tried my best but it’s no use

I guess I just keep loving, is this the end?🎤

-Sade “Im still in love with you ❤️”



KC 💕




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