Have we become masochist?

Ever been in love with someone but never “officially” been in a relationship with them?? Or broken up with your EX and continue to be part of their life? 

You come there confident, their shoulder to lean on, you get to hear about their new love interest and how much they mean to them…. And well sometimes there is a 99.9% change you come the BEST FRIEND WITH BENEFITS (NO ATTACHMENTS) ❤ Many do not mind the obvious and most important benefit of the hassle free sex, this usually means neither mind to have any emotional involvement this often ends bad because after time you do get emotionally attach… And shit hits the fan because he obviously has no emotional attachment to you only to your boobs… and your MEOW 

How and why do we do this…. My answer is I do not know maybe not to lose touch with them… because the love you have for them becomes bigger than you and their happiness is all you want… So you sit there give them LOVE ❤ advice hold in your tears and continue as if you have no feelings… You become a masochist, yes I said it right a Masochist of your feelings… A masochist that you will not leave because you are afraid to lose what you have and you rather continue to be hurt and heart-broken… 

 We all need to take a moment and get a mirror look at ourselves… yes we might be broken but we are beautiful inside and out and valuable we do not settle for the “friend” label we deserve more than that walk away… 

Even a broken heart is able to heal with time… ❤




Wild Sex…. Or magician Sex??

As he walks in the house I have my panties in hand and I am ready for him, I ask “him does this excite you?” 

Great sex isn’t just the sweet amber nectar of life it’s often the glue that holds the entire show together. But what if that sweet amber nectar isn’t even there to begin with? Seriously lets blame Fifty Shades Of Grey and amazing love machine Christian Grey ❤  A functional sex life no longer passes muster. To feel like we’re getting any bang for our buck in a relationship, I want lol and feel that mind-blowing sex is the bedrock of any relationship that will go the distance. Sometimes all we really want is a nice spank (wink) BUT what if we ask for it and he gets scared and takes out his bible…. Now that is a risk lol 

So how to we get mind-blowing sex without scaring them off or making them think we are porn stars… Everyone has been to bed with someone who has an arsenal of skills and moves that they deploy with the flourish of a magician.

How about role play buy some nice lingerie and make the moment magical, by magical I do not mean that he poof disappear. I mean make that man crave you, make him wish he could kiss every inch of your body, make him need you… 

Oh you want me to tell you how… hahaha if I knew how I would not be writing this late I would be having Christian Grey inspired Sex ❤ 

“Sex is a form of self-expression and communication so being ‘good in bed’ is not about a set of skills but more about a way of being,”  The only advice I can provide is by taking responsibility for your own pleasure and for what goes on for you, both physically and psychologically, is key in this. And of course to feel comfortable sexually, you need to be comfortable with yourself. 

So love your self your and enjoy some wild sex ❤